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Your Waterfowl Hunting Guide in the Lowcountry

If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard about hunting the elusive Clapper Rail (marsh hen), and want to give it a try.

Starting in the fall, the season for Marsh Hens opens in GA.  For 2015 there is a split season from 9/25-11/15 and again from 11/21-12/8. john and buoy

For a successful Marsh Hen hunt, generally a tide of 8 ft. or greater is required.  This forces the birds to fly rather than swim or run away.  Because of the higher than normal tides needed to hunt these birds, there may be only a few opportunities to hunt them during the season.

A shotgun no larger than a 20 gauge is all that is required for a hunt.  These birds are fairly large, slow flyers and a great way for kids to be introduced to wingshooting. Marsh Hens Dock

I run trips from my family’s house on Wilmington Island, just a few minutes from downtown Savannah.

This is the dock we leave from.  Directly across the river is prime hunting habitat.   Because there may be a short hunting window based on the tide, this lets us maximize our time in the marsh

Rates are $300 for 2 people.  $50 per person after that.  I can mix in a fishing or sightseeing trip if you want to make a full day trip out of it.  Inquire for rates.  Fill out the contact box below, or call John @ 404-394-6235


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